This is a small project currently focused on providing help mainly for mature age people learning Apple iOS devices on the Sunshine Coast Qld.

We provide some information and resources to help with your learning experience. Of course, the main focus is the Apple iPad, hence the name iPaddlers :)


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Apart from providing the free presentations and tutorials at the Sunshine Coast Computer Club (Buderim Qld), we also provide online tutorial resources and guidance from this website.

Do you need help with choosing and/or setting up your new Apple iPad or other iOS device? Learn how to satisfy your individual requirements.

Internet connections, wifi, safety & security. Learn about the various ways to connect your iPad (or iPhone) to the internet, and to other devices.

Understanding iCloud and other cloud storage services. Learn how to manage their usage. Avoid the pitfalls of default settings.

Managing files over connected devices, file synchronisation and understanding the File app. Learn the limitations and possibilities.

Understanding ebook file types and Apple iBooks. Find out about online and offline ebook storage and access. Know the various platforms.

Using the Apple iWork suite - Pages, Numbers and Keynote which are equivaent to Microsoft Office apps, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Learn how to customise the settings of your iOS device to your liking. The default settings never suit everybody. The settings should at least suit you!

Learn how to manage photos on your iOS device and in iCloud. Most people will need help with managing photos ... before it gets out of hand!

We can provide home tech support and private tuition. Sometimes you need more than group lessons and may find private lessons better.

tutoring - $30 per hour ($25 concession). Please enquire.

some of the main iOS apps we commonly talk about